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REFLECKT MEDIATION, is a service that specialises in family mediation. We use a team of accredited family mediators that are trained to help you reach long-lasting agreements. ​

Family mediation is a process that enables families to resolve their conflicts, away from the courts, in a more amicable and cost effective way. We offer our service in ENGLISH, SPANISH AND FRENCH.

Some of the areas in which mediation can be used are:

  • child access, visitation and arrangements

  • intergenerational access to children

  • division of assets

Changes in the family situation naturally harbour much more potential for conflicts and crises. In our team you will find trained specialists for all topics.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and describe your situation. 

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Bigette Jonsson Family Mediator

Brigitte Jonsson

Family Mediator and Former Lawyer

Brigitte Jonsson is a trained lawyer and family mediator. She has experience working in the voluntary sector helping families with no resources with their legal issues. ADR was an area that was always of high interest for her as a better way to solve conflict outside the Courts. She is also fluent in English, Spanish and French and is able to help people for whom language may seem like a barrier to mediation.


Earlier in her career she specialized in International Commercial Law and worked for the banking sector. Now she is the owner and managing director of Refleckt Mediation.

What is family mediation?

Family mediation services

(Online only)


Mediation information and assessment meeting.

£100 per person

Family Mediation

Joint or shuttle mediation session.

£125 per person per hour

Parenting Plan

The parenting plan, sets out the details of your agreed child arrangements.

£125 per person

MOU (Memorandum of understanding)

At the end of the mediation process, the mediator will draft a document setting out the details of your agreement.

£150 per person

OFS (Open Financial Statement)

This is a summary of the financial disclosure information given in mediation and a document that will be necessary for your consent order.

£150 per person


Mediation certificate signed by the mediator that will enable you to make an application to the court for child arrangements or to resolve a dispute about your child’ s upbringing.


Form A

Mediation certificate signed by the mediator that will enable you to start an application for financial proceedings on divorce.


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